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Castor Oil for Healing


Castor oil is an ancient healing remedy that has come back into prominent focus over the past few decades.  The oil is extracted from the seeds of the Ricinus communis also known as the Palma Christi, ( translates as Palm of Christ.)  In the earlier part of this century, psychic healer Edgar Cayce recommended its use in over fourteen thousand readings and represents the largest body of information on castor oil  and its therapies.

The healing properties of castor oil have been know for the past several thousand years and  treatments are found in ancient legends and folk medicine.    Although many doctors reject folk remedies and herbal treatment as unscientific, they should not forget the “root” of modern medicine grew out of our ancestors appreciation for the very real healing properties of plants.

Castor oil, although known as a cathartic ( laxative) is not recommended for internal use except for the occasional use when constipation is very severe. 
Here are some of the uses of the oil when applied externally.  It helps with conditions such as arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis,  colitis and other disturbances of the colon and intestines; kidney, liver and gall bladder problems; disturbances of the lymphatic system and helps to soothe the  nervous system.  The oil can be applied directly to the areas that are mentioned above.  Here is a simple way to utilize the oil:   

Castor oil compress 
 Soak a piece of cheesecloth, felt, or cotton  cloth in some castor oil. Cut the cloth to size so it fits desired area.  Fold the cloth a bit and place it in a baking pan. Put the pan in the oven. After a few minutes take the pan out and test the cloth for warmth. It should be very warm but still touchable.  Put it on the desired area and cover with plastic and then cover the whole thing with a dry towel. Leave on overnight or for several hours.   You may want place a heating pad or hot water bottle on the compress to help with greater absorption into the tissues. This process can be done for three days ( sometimes more often depending on the situation) in a row and then take a break for three days. Repeat until  this pattern until results are noticed.

This process is used for rejuvenating scars, tissues and organs. It detoxifies and heals cysts, growths, warts, and stimulates the body's deep circulation.

If a person has a lot of pain in the liver area then do not heat up the cloth. Just massage some oil on to the liver area and then place the unheated cloth with castor oil on the area. Cover with a dry cloth.  The liver tends to hold a lot of heat in it and when it is inflamed or aggravated then the heat can exacerbate the situation.

Aching feet can be relieved of soreness and be made to feel much better if twice a week, or more often, they are rubbed  at bedtime with castor oil.  Also, the oil can be used to soften corns and calluses and remove the soreness

Remember, a good diet with organic foods, deep sleep and peaceful surroundings are needed for a stable and healing life.

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