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A Delicious Way to Use Herbs


Many times when people think about using herbs they think that they have to take pills or extracts.  However, there are many other ways in which to ingest these wonderful green healers.  One yummy way is to make an herbal confection or candy.  The herbal dose in the confections is small as compared to taking a strong tea or capsules but it is a good way to administer the herbs to children and people sensitive to taking concentrated forms.  This is also a good way of combining herbs with foods.  In many ancient traditions herbs are cooked right into the meal so that the whole family could partake in the plants healing benefits. Here is a recipe that you may want to try.

Herbal Confections or Pastes 
 You need to use herbs that are in powder form. You can either grinder them yourself or purchase them already powdered. Place about one ounce of  herbs in a bowel and mix in 1 cup of  nut butter such as  almond, sesame but do not use peanut butter as it is very hard on the system to digest. Add enough sweetener to make it taste good. I usually use honey. However, raw sugar, maple syrup or rice syrup can be used as sweeteners. A little ghee (clarified butter) may be added to the mixture. Mix in chopped walnuts nuts, seeds or dried fruits such as coconut, raisins, dates, or cranberries.  Use the foods  that are most appropriate to your needs.
You may want to add some spices to your mixture such as those listed below.  Make sure the paste is thick enough so that it won't easily drop from a spoon and will hold its form. You may add more powdered herbs to the mixture until you have the right consistency. 

Here are some herbs that can be used:


Strengthening Herbs
Siberian ginseng
dong quai ( only use a little of this as it has a strong taste)

Roll into small balls and keep them stored in a covered glass jar in the refrigerator. Herbal confections  make a handy energy snack and are much better to eat than candy bars and donuts. For an added taste delight,  you may want to roll the confections in carob powder for an added taste treat.
For those who cannot eat nuts, an alternative to nut butters is to puree dates and then add the powdered herbs until a thick consistency is obtained.  Sweeteners are not needed with the dates as they are sweet enough.  Ghee may be added.  Follow the rest of the recipe as stated above.

My students love to make and taste herbal confections and have been very innovative in their creations.  So be daring and experiment with this recipe. 

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