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Visiting Gardeners Philosophy

Visit the Gardens and Relax

Located in the Sierra foothills outside Placerville, California between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe, EverGreen Herb Garden is an inspiring setting for Western, Ayurvedic, and Chinese herbal study programs. Created and maintained by Candis Cantin, this garden setting offers over 250 medicinal plants for the study of herbology. Candis has more than 20 years of personal study and experience with herbology and the Oriental healing arts. She is the principle instructor of the programs. Her example of a family living holistic lifestyle principles is the foundation for the study programs and offers the inspiration for applying these principles into the framework of our Western society.

Call 530.626.9288 to make an appointment to visit the gardens. Take a tour and relax for as long as you like in the splendour of the gardens.

The gardens hold a peace and beauty all year long.

Visit the gardens and refresh your spirit.

Sit by the pond and meditate.
At 2500 feet, the gardens have four beautiful seasons.

Stroll around the garden and enjoy the bounty.

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The Gardens Await you

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